My name is Jesse. 

I started Gridless.Com.Au in 2023 after working on Lewater.Au and Freehotwater.Au in late 2021. 

I started selling heat pump hot water systems and we quickly developed a reputation for selling high quality systems with good quality service at bargain prices. 

free hot water heat pump

Unlike a lot of cowboys in these schemes, I believe in having a long term vision and treating my customers well.

I even started a youtube channel to share information about these schemes and put a face to my business.

Which a lot of companies won’t do for some reason 🤔 . 

I started Gridless.Com.Au so we could focus on a broader range of products than just hot water.

Our goal is to become the premier installer of quality air conditioner systems in Australia. We currently offer Solar systems and Heat Pump Hot Water systems.

Right now we operate in NSW and Victoria and take advantage of the Energy Saving Scheme and Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme, as well as Federal Small-scale Renewable Schemes.

But the goal of Gridless.Com.Au is not to become a ‘government rebate business’.

We will be taking advantage of whatever rebates are available, but the real goal is to provide the best energy efficient products to our consumers, so that you can ultimately go Gridless 😉.

Kind regards,
Jesse-Aaron Nicolescu Raiz

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65.79%* More Efficient Than Industry Standard Heat Pumps
From only $1500 hot water system upgrade