Heating and Cooling Solutions

Experience unparalleled comfort with Panasonic’s advanced heating and cooling solutions. Designed to provide optimal performance, energy efficiency, and seamless integration into any living space, Panasonic’s innovative systems ensure a perfect indoor climate year-round. Explore our range of products and discover how Panasonic can enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency
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Energy Saving Technologies

Panasonic’s premium inverter technology powers an energy-efficient ducted air conditioning system capable of reducing both cooling capacity and power consumption when needed. These advanced technologies benefit both the environment and your power bill, ensuring that your eco-friendly choices do not compromise your comfort.

Designed for the Australian Environment

Our premium inverter ducted systems feature an exceptional operating temperature range. They can cool effectively even when the outside temperature soars to 48ºC, ideal for Melbourne’s hot summer days, and can also heat efficiently at freezing temperatures as low as -20ºC, ensuring reliable operation throughout Melbourne’s winters.

Quiet Operation

Panasonic’s premium inverter ducted systems are among the quietest available, allowing you to enjoy comfortable heating or cooling at night without disrupting your sleep. The quiet outdoor unit also ensures that you won’t disturb your neighbors.

Cold Drafts During Winter

Cold drafts during start-up are a common issue with ducted air conditioning systems. In heating mode, Panasonic’s Premium Inverter ducted reverse cycle systems use advanced sensor technology to ensure that airflow enters the room only when it has been warmed, preventing uncomfortable cold drafts.

Air Conditioner for Homeowner

Panasonic sets the standard for ultimate home comfort solutions. Our residential air conditioners are crafted with a focus on energy efficiency, delivering unmatched performance and reliability. With a wide range of flexible and innovative products, we offer solutions tailored to every home.

Single Split Air Conditioner

This wall-mounted air conditioner is ideal for standard bedrooms and living rooms. Our diverse lineup ensures safe and comfortable air conditioning with advanced air purification and energy-saving technology to help lower your electricity bill.


Multi Split Air Conditioner

Up to four indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, making it perfect for limited outdoor space. Ideal for air conditioning multiple rooms in condominiums and similar settings.

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