EcoGenica 215F vs.
“Premium Brands” ????

In this video I run through the differences between The Ecogenica 215F versus the Istore Air to Energy, The Evo270-1 and Reclaim Energy’s heat pump.The results speak for themselves. The two single unit systems Istore and Evo270-1 (where the compressor sits on top of the tank) are beat in terms of efficiency, warranty AND price by the Ecogenica215F.The only system to beat it is Reclaim’s heat pump boasting an impressive COP of 5 versus Ecogenica’s 4.8 and a better warranty on the tank and heat pump. However, these improvements come at a huge cost. Reclaim systems are priced at around $5000 WITH rebates compared to Ecogenica at $33.It’s up to you to decide if a marginal difference in quality is worth $5000, but that’s your choice to make.

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65.79%* More Efficient Than Industry Standard Heat Pumps
From only $1500 hot water system upgrade