Free hot water upgrade
eligibility in NSW

How can I qualify for the upgrade?

The eligibility requirements are super simple. All you need to qualify for the $33/free upgrade is an electric outdoor system, and to be located in one our service areas. In NSW that’s Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and soon the central coast. In Victoria it’s pretty much the whole state.
There is a caveat however, if your system has a solar or a heat pump component to it then you don’t qualify for the rebate. In this case, visit our pricing page to see how much this costs.
If your system is gas, you’re also not eligible for the full upgrade. In this case, visit our pricing page to see how much this costs.

How is it so cheap!

Great question!
The reason it is so cheap is because we apply both state and federal rebates when we replacing your system. If your current hot water system is electric and outdoor, the value that we get from the rebate justifies why we are able to provide, install AND replace your system for free!

Is this a scam?

After installing hundreds of systems, we sure hope not!
Not it’s not a scam. You can check your eligibility with us and we won’t make you pay until after we install the system!

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65.79%* More Efficient Than Industry Standard Heat Pumps
From only $1500 hot water system upgrade