The 290L is out… And it’s
Australia’s most efficient system

First, we’ve changed the refrigerant on the 290 and 215 to make the system more environmentally friendly and more efficient. This change has also made the Ecogenica 215F and 290F the MOST EFFICIENT SYSTEMS IN AUSTRALIA, and one of the most efficient systems in the WORLD. At a crazy price point.
The second piece of news is that the Ecogenica 290L model is finally out for residential. And we are selling it for a crazy $199. Meaning you can have the best system in Australia at the CHEAPEST price. It does not get better than that! You must still qualify as an outdoor electric unit to qualify for this price. Check out one of our other videos to see if you qualify.
To get your system upgraded or find out more, visit freehotwater.au and fill out an enquiry form, or give us a call!
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65.79%* More Efficient Than Industry Standard Heat Pumps
From only $1500 hot water system upgrade